The Super Mario Bros. Movie Fans Crown Princess Peach as Their Champion

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie made a ton of money this weekend, while our Mario wiki found many seeking out info on Peach, Lumalee, Spike (!) and more.
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Let’s-a gooooo!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie did gangbuster numbers over its extended opening weekend so it’s only fitting that Fandom’s Super Mario Bros. numbers got pumped up as well. The new animated film pulled in $375.6 million from Wednesday through Sunday, with a whopping $204.6 million coming from the U.S. alone.

And yes, you may have guessed from those numbers that this marks the biggest video game movie opening of all time.

Featuring the voices of Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Jack Black, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is the first earnest big-screen stab at the video game franchise since 1993’s disastrous live-action film. Like that previous movie though, the new story still follows two plumber brothers from Brooklyn who, after being transported to the Mushroom Kingdom (or, in the old movie, “Dinohattan”), fight to save their persecuted new friends from the evil Bowser.

When the new movie came out on Wednesday, April 5, the Mario Wiki blew up by 135%, with the movie itself being the top page on the wiki over the weekend, up +272%.

Millions of Peaches

The character with the most page traffic coming out of the movie’s massive release was Princess Peach, for sure. Specifically the movie version of the character – though the game franchise’s version of Peach still placed in the Top 10, making Peach doubly popular!

Looking at the ten most-searched pages in the Mario Wiki, you can see Peach holding court, right after the page for the movie itself.

  1. The Super Mario Bros. Movie
  2. Princess Peach (Movie)
  3. Bowser (Movie)
  4. Lumalee (Game)
  5. Mario (Movie)
  6. Spike (Movie)
  7. Spike (Game) 
  8. Rosalina (Game)
  9. Donkey Kong (Movie)
  10. Princess Peach (Game)

This is a huge indicator that the film version of Peach, voiced by Taylor-Joy, was a huge hit with many, and certainly piquing interest from a ton of Mario fans, as she differs from her earliest game counterpart by being a capable and confident leader from the get go, who will stop at nothing to defeat Bowser. Jumping ahead to something more akin to her depiction in the second Super Mario Bros. game, this Peach was designed to be much more proactive in the battle to free the Mushroom Kingdom, questing and battling to defend her people rather than serving as a damsel in distress.

Everything is A-Luma-nated

While the Peach and Bowser pages both experienced a huge surge in pageviews — Peach with +344% and Bowser with +473% – it was Lumalee who saw the biggest spike with a massive +2,327%.

Of course, Mario himself, placed high in the rankings, at number five, though King Boo-battling brother Luigi didn’t fare quite as well, landing at 13. Which is very Luigi of him.

Yes, Spike saw a spike too, with a big +​​584.72% increase and both his game and film incarnations in the Top 10. That itself is an amusing placement since Spike has a relatively small role in the movie and is somewhat more of a deep cut character, having first appeared in 1985’s Wrecking Crew and then making a handful of appearances years later in Mobile GolfWrecking Crew ’98Super Mario Maker. Of course the fact that many might not have been as familiar with Spike likely also had plenty of moviegoers curious about his origins. 

The main reason for Lumalee’s meteoric rise is probably due to how much fans love the movie’s darkly funny version. Lumalee, who’s a part of the Super Mario Galaxy games, is comedically warped in the film, gleefully telling others that there is no hope of escape except death. It’s worth noting that the Lumalee page isn’t the movie-specific one, indicating that readers may have been hunting for actual game lore about this scene-stealing film character

The Luma in general – who are the star-like creatures from the Super Mario Galaxy games – made a good showing too, coming in at 11 while Rosalina, the adoptive mother of the Lumas, gets a star-making showing in the number eight spot, despite her not being in the movie.

This could certainly come from readers finding her name while searching other characters or even due to some frequent fan speculation, weeks before the movie came out, that she’d be in the story somehow, as many spotted what they thought were Rosalina teases in the most recent trailer, including the reveal of Lumalee’s involvement. Peach even has a line in the film, regarding “other galaxies,” that certainly could point the way toward Rosalina being in a sequel. And with this movie’s box office, there will most certainly be a sequel.

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