Celebrate Your Elden Ring Fandom With These New Collectible Mini Figures

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Bring the magic of Elden Ring to your desktop with these adorable mini-figures.

There’s no denying that Elden Ring has some of the best art direction in modern video games, and if you’re looking to bring some of that elegance to your desktop, then you can’t go wrong with this wonderful and adorable collectible figures. Preorders are now live for three new figures from Bandai Namco’s SH Figuarts Minis line, as you can add the mysterious Ranni the Witch, Blaidd the Half-Wolf, and the infamous Blade of Miquella herself, Malenia, to your collection.

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The figures are priced at $30 each, and will start shipping out later this year. Malenia and Blaidd will arrive first on May 15 and they’ll be followed by Ranni on October 30.

Not just cute recreations of the iconic Elden Ring characters, each figure is also impressively detailed and they come with a few extras. Malenia is just over four inches tall and you can recreate a few battle scenes thanks to the extra right arm that her trademark sword slots into. Four-armed witch Ranni comes with optional arm parts, a display stand, and her wonderfully oversized hat, while Blaidd strikes a pose with his impressive sword.

If you’d prefer something a little less deformed, you can also pick up a few figures from Bandai Namco’s regular SH Figurarts line. There’s a Festering Fingerprint Vyke available, combining the trademark articulation of this toy line with a high level of ornate detail and several extra accessories. Alternatively, you can pick up a mini-figure of the player-character The Tarnished (wearing the Raging Wolf armor set from the game) or a Melina inaction figure.

And if you still need more of From Software’s hit video game in your life, don’t miss out on the upcoming release of new Elden Ring manga paperbacks.

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Preorder Malenia, Blade of Miquella SH Figuarts Mini — $30

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  • Check it out at Entertainment Earth

Preorder Blaidd the Half-Wolf SH Figuarts Mini — $30

  • Check it out at Amazon
  • Check it out at Entertainment Earth

Preorder Ranni the Witch SH Figuarts Mini — $30

  • Check it out at Amazon
  • Check it out at Entertainment Earth

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  • SH Figuarts Festering Fingerprint Vyke — $65 ($75)
  • Melina SH Figuarts Mini — $30
  • Tarnished (Raging Wolf) SH Figuarts Mini — $30
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