Honest Game Trailers | Dave the Diver

Thứ tư - 24/04/2024 21:49
Honest Game Trailers plumbs the depths of indie game - which many feel isn't that "indie" - Dave the Diver, about an overworked dude fishing forever.

Submerge yourself in lazy-dazey RPG Dave the Diver, as Honest Game Trailers gets to the bottom of a seemingly bottomless tropical lagoon where you’ll fish your way up the food chain in order to save a sketchy sushi spot you’ve been tricked into managing.

Spend your days massacring sea creatures, serving food, pouring tea, playing mini games, and getting tangled up in all your co-workers’ problems. All so you can inadvertently discover the totally un-chill truth about climate change and all the damage already done you our ecosystem. Check out the video now!

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