The Best Fallout Merch for Fans of the Prime Video Show

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Travel the wasteland in style with these Fallout-themed hoodies, T-shirts, and themed tumblers.
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Everything is looking Fallout now, as thanks to the first season being a huge hit for Prime Video, a second season already greenlit, and the games experiencing a resurgence in popularity, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of Interplay and Bethesda’s iconic franchise. Not just a video game and TV show franchise, Fallout has plenty of merchandise available to collect if you’re looking to turn your home into your personal Vault Tec getaway.

From affordable action figures to stylish hoodies, we’re rounding up all the great gear you can get your hands on right now. Although sadly, we’re still a few decades away from having our very own personal butler-droid like Codsworth. A Fallout fan can still dream!

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Fallout Hoodies

You can never go wrong with a hoodie, and for Fallout fans, there’s a lot to love here with several excellent designs. You can pledge your allegiance to the Brotherhood of Steel, uphold the law with a ghoulishly cool garment, or proudly show off your knowledge of Fallout technology with an attention-grabbing schematic on your chest. Most of these tops are available in black or gray, a color scheme that complements any other fashion choice perfectly.

  • Brotherhood of Steel (Grey) — $32
  • Brotherhood of Steel (Black) — $32
  • Vault Trio Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • On A Stroll Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • California Crest Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • The Ghoul Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • Maximus Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • Lucy Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • Vault-Tec Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • Pip-Boy Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • Max Vault Boy Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • Lucy Vault Boy Pullover Hoodie — $32
  • The Ghoul Vault Boy Pullover Hoodie — $32

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Fallout Sweaters

If you prefer your sweatshirts without hoods, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of Fallout sweaters with cool designs, too. For this list, we’ve highlighted a number of Fallout pullovers featuring insignia from the games, characters from the TV show, and other nods to the long-running video game series.

  • Greetings From Vault 33 (Surface Never Vault Forever) — $32
  • On A Stroll — $32
  • The End Was Near — $32
  • Vault-Tec: We’re All In This Together — $32
  • The Ghoul — $32
  • Maximus — $32
  • Lucy — $32
  • The Ghoul Vault Boy Edition — $32
  • Lucy Vault Boy Edition — $32
  • Max Vault Boy Edition — $32

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Fallout T-Shirts

If you’re wearing a Fallout hoodie or sweatshirt, a T-shirt underneath that clothing is the logical next step. These designs riff on several of the options above, so if you’re feeling frugal or you live in a state that has never known the chill of winter, these will add +5 stats to your personal fashion.

  • Vault-Boy — $20
  • Vault Forever — $20
  • The Ghoul — $20
  • Lucy — $20
  • Maximus — $20
  • Brotherhood of Steel — $20
  • On A Stroll — $20
  • The Ghoul Vault Boy Edition — $20
  • Max Vault Boy Edition — $20

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Fallout Hats

We couldn’t find Fallout-themed underwear–yet–so we’re capping the apparel section off with some baseball caps instead. There are some really nice options here, including a subtle nod to Vault 33, Lucy’s home in the Fallout TV series. Or you can don a Brotherhood of Steel cap to let the world know where your allegiances lie.

  • Brotherhood of Steel Baseball Hat — $22
  • Fallout 33 Baseball Hat — $22
  • Fallout Vault Tec Baseball Hat — $22

Fallout Throw Pillows

These throw pillows are available in two sizes–16 x 16-inch and 18 x 18-inch–and prices generally start at $20 for the smaller ones before going up slightly from there. They’re soft, come in a wide variety of colors, and sport various designs from the Fallout universe for you to gaze at.

  • Vault Boy Trio — $20+
  • We’re All In This Together — $20+
  • Greetings From Vault 33 — $20+
  • Lucy Vault Boy Edition — $20+
  • The Ghoul Vault Boy Edition — $20+
  • Max Vault Boy Edition — $20+

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Fallout Figures

McFarlane Toys offers some pretty great bang for your buck, as you can get good-looking figures for affordable prices. For the Fallout TV series, you can pick up Lucy, Ghoul, and Maximus figures. Each one comes with its own stand, and you can get all three in an exclusive set at Amazon. Not only can you save some cash by going this route but they also have gold nameplates as a little exclusive bonus. All of these figures have been going in and out of stock, so make sure to check back.

  • Amazon-Exclusive McFarlane Fallout 3-Pack (Lucy, Maximus, The Ghoul) — $60
  • McFarlane The Ghoul 6-Inch Posed Figure (Amazon) — $25
  • McFarlane The Ghoul 6-Inch Posed Figure (Best Buy) — $25
  • McFarlane Maximus 6-Inch Posed Figure (Amazon) — $25
  • McFarlane Maximus 6-Inch Posed Figure (Best Buy) — $25
  • McFarlane Lucy 6-Inch Posed Figure (Amazon) — $25
  • McFarlane Lucy 6-Inch Posed Figure (Best Buy) — $25
  • McFarlane Vault Boy 6-Inch Posed Figure — Out of Stock

Fallout Special Anthology Edition

For a nostalgic collection, you can’t go wrong with this assortment of classic and modern Fallout games stuffed inside of a (non-functioning) nuclear bomb replica for $60. While you won’t get physical copies of the Fallout games, you will get digital codes for them and seven collectible Vault Boy cards.

  • Fallout Special Anthology Edition — $60

Fallout Miniatures

This set of multi-part resin miniatures and a scenic base is great for hobbyists. Priced at $35, once you’ve assembled and painted this set, you can use them in the Wasteland Warfare miniatures game or display them on your shelf as a testament to your painting skills.

  • Modiphius Entertainment: Fallout The Series Miniatures Set — $35
  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Starter Set — $108
  • Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Caesar’s Legion Core Box — $38 ($50)
  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: Super Mutant Centaurs — $22 ($34)
  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Securitron Enforcers — $25.62 ($31)
  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Enclave Core Box — $42
  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Ghouls — $32
  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Space Sentry (preorder) — $23
  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Starlight Theatre Staff (preorder) — $31

Fallout Gunnar Glasses

Gunnar has launched an official line of Fallout gaming glasses to celebrate the series, which the company claims are good for blocking harmful blue and UV lights. There are three different stylish designs, all priced at $99 each.

  • Gunnar Fallout Glasses: Vault 33 (Clear) — $99
  • Gunnar Fallout Glasses: Vault 33 (Amber) — $99
  • Gunnar Fallout Glasses: Vault 33 (Sun Tint) — $99

Fallout Tote Bags

Why carry your groceries or collectibles haul in a regular tote bag when you can instead transport them with a trendy Fallout version instead? Quite a few styles are available, and each bag is crafted to be durable. Are they durable enough to survive the harsh frontier of a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Fortunately, we won’t have to find out.

  • Vault Boy Trio Tote Bag — $19
  • We’re In This Together Tote Bag — $19
  • Greetings From Vault 33 Tote Bag — $19
  • Lucy Vault Boy Edition Tote Bag — $19
  • Max Vault Boy Tote Bag — $19

More tote bags at Amazon


Fallout Tumblers

Always stay hydrated! You can keep a fresh supply of easily accessible H2O with these Fallout-inspired tumblers. Whether you’re looking to keep your drinks toasty or chilled, the insulated walls on these cups are up to the job.

  • Vault 33 Pattern — $25
  • Lucy Vault Boy Edition — $25
  • The Ghoul Vault Boy Edition — $25
  • Max Vault Boy Edition — $25
  • We’re All In This Together — $25
  • On A Stroll — $25
  • Fallout: The End — $25

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Fallout-themed Arizona Tea

There are quite a few Fallout collabs rolling out right now, including this lineup of Fallout-themed drinks from Arizona Tea. Now available, you can pick up packs of Red Apple, Georgia Peach, and Pomegranate.

  • Red Apple Green Tea Drink (12-pack) — $28
  • Georgia Peach Green Tea Drink (12-pack) — $35
  • Pomegranate Green Tea Drink (12-pack) — $36
  • Variety Pack — Sold Out

Fallout-themed Bones Coffee

Or for something to help you kick your day off properly, you can also grab some Fallout-inspired caffeine from Bones Coffee Company.

  • Atomic Apple Ground Coffee Beans (Apple Pie Flavor) — $20
  • Atomic Apple Whole Coffee Beans (Apple Pie Flavor) — $20
  • Valiant Vanilla Ground Coffee Beans (Vanilla Wafer Flavor) — $20
  • Valiant Vanilla Whole Coffee Beans (Vanilla Wafer Flavor) — $20
  • Wasteland Crunch Ground Coffee Beans (Chocolate Flavor) — $20
  • Wasteland Crunch Whole Coffee Beans (Chocolate Flavor) — $20

iPhone Cases and PopGrips

Finally, there are several different iPhone and Android cases available for a wide variety of Android and Apple smartphones. For extra stability, you can even grab few Fallout PopGrips to help you secure your phone.

Fallout smartphone cases at Amazon

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