Honest Game Trailers | System Shock Remake

Thứ sáu - 17/05/2024 22:39
Honest Game Trailers showcases the System Shock remake, a groundbreaking '90s game that influenced so many and made us think hacking meant shooting.

1994’s revolutionary first-person hacker adventure, System Shock, has been remade for modern consoles, allowing players to travel back to a time of floppy discs, America Online connection screeches, and GameFAQs tips. Battle an A.I. bent on turning humans into Spirit Halloween displays, hack your way out of Citadel Station (using complex computers skills known as “blasting a gun”), and ignore countless audio logs that explain the ongoing story and side missions.

Yes, our new Honest Game Trailer is all about the revamped System Shock, which brings to life a bygone era of thinking hackers were cool. Enemies of all kinds stand in your way, from robots to zombies to…is that a dinosaur? WTF? All while dealing with a cripplingly small inventory space. From Kickstarter to Honest Game Trailer, HACK THE TRAILER!

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