Honest Game Trailers | Pikmin 4

Thứ sáu - 17/05/2024 22:39
Get ready to do a whole bunch of chores because Nintendo's, like, 12th most popular franchise is back as Honest Game Trailers rounds up Pikmin 4.

Pit your dopey obedient child soldiers against the flora and fauna of a destroyed future Earth in Pikmin 4, Honest Game Trailers’ latest righteous rundown. Yes, the colorful, adorable, yet bizarrely-difficult game franchise is back and, as usual, feels like someone half-watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and took all the wrong lessons from it.

Move from one dark placed with warped concepts of time to another, trading the relaxing gameplay of the daytime for nights filled with aggressive Tower Defense simulations where the ghosts of the Pikmin you killed battle the animals you murdered, which are now back for revenge. Nothing screams family-friendly adventure like looping through a repeating hell of your own making while in a constant flux of life and death. Check it out!

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