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The latest update from Genshin Impact is here, and it is a treasure trove of treats to explore. 
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The latest update from Genshin Impact is here, and it is a treasure trove of treats to explore. There’s much more of Inazuma opening up to see, as the fight between the Tenryou Commission and the Sangonomiya Resistance continues to wage on. From new characters and bosses to fight; fresh worlds and weapons to wield; and yes, fishing is finally here! 2.1 is the update you have been waiting for, and it sure does look pretty in the moonlight. Here are just some of the numerous things that you can get your hands on right now.


Four new characters will be available in the update. Some old faces, some new ones, and even a special guest that is crossing over from the realms of Horizon Zero Dawn! Do note that our special guest hero is only available for PSN players, she will be available on all platforms in the next update.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Behind her gentle looks lies a cunning mind. As the leader of the Sangonomiya Resistance, this Hydro 5 Star Rarity Hero can pack a punch, but she is most proficient with healing. Her Kurage’s Oath heals the active character while attacking nearby enemies at the same time. Whether fighting against the Tenryou Commission or helping the people of Watatsumi Island, have no fear, Her Excellency Sangonomiya is here.

Kujou Sara

Swift as a raven but as deadly as a Tengu, it is no surprise that Kujou Sara is the general of the Tenryou Commission. She operates with deadly precision using her bow, making this Electro 4 Star Rarity Hero feared throughout Inazuma. Her Tengu Stormcall skill summons protection for herself before she turns it into an AOE attack. This loyal subject of the Shogun will ensure victory for all, whether she remains on the battlefield or not.

Raiden Shogun

There’s more than one Excellency in Inazuma, as the Raiden Shogun rides with the power of thunder itself. The ruler of the Inazuma Shogunate is a 5 Star Rarity and the first-ever event-exclusive Electro hero, respected and revered by her people. She punishes foes with her Baleful Omen, while also blessing party members her Eye of Stormy Judgement, attacking their enemies with coordinated AOE Electro Damage. Her pursuit for eternity will guide this Shogun into a new era, striking like lightning itself.


From the United States in the 31st Century fighting robots to the mystical world of Teyvat beating up slimes, Aloy has come a long way to join in as a 5 Star Rarity Cryo Hero. Her Prophecies of Dawn will leave all enemies in an area damaged and frozen from the Cryo attack. She’s already saved her world, can she save this one as well?

Best of all, you’ll get this character free in the update (Once you hit Adventure Rank 20).


Three new big bads are making their way to Inazuma, with one familiar face of both beauty and malevolence. The Fatui Harbingers are here again, and you can finally face off against them again, after your last battle with Childe.


The toughest of the new bosses and the only weekly boss, Fatui Harbinger Signora is the Eighth of the Eleven Harbingers, using both fire and ice in devastating fashion. Whether in her normal form or as the Crimson Witch of Embers, you will need to watch the battlefield for Sheer Cold or Blazing Heat. A mighty challenge; now if only there was a Katy Perry song to describe her…

Hydro Hypostasis

The sixth in the series, the Hypostasis have been long-stay bosses, now finally in Hydro flavour. A being of elemental purity, don’t let its square shapes fool you; they are like a Rubik’s Cube of pain. As always, remember that they are immune to elemental damages of their type, and no damage can be done to them until you hit their cores. Like a walnut, if walnuts could bend their form and attack mercilessly.

Thunder Manifestation

An elemental being driven by pure regret: this a boss is a mood. We haven’t seen a new manifestation boss since Version 1.0 and for good reason. These flying beasts are terrifying to face down and hard to hit for melee characters, making this boss one you need to prepare for when you visit Seirai Island.


There’s more of Inazuma to explore in 2.1, with two new vastly differently lands to visit, enjoy, fight in, and accidentally glide off a cliff in. Both of them were revealed way back in June, and it’s excellent that we can finally touch down in the lands of forest and thunder.

Watatsumi Island

The breathtaking home of the Sangonomiya Clan, Watatsumi Island is also home to abundant foliage, towering cliffs and blessed shrines. Whether you are meeting our new character, Kokomi, or fighting the new Hypotasis, you can be assured the view will be nothing but gorgeous.

Seirai Island

Serai Island, on the other hand, is an utter mess. Victim to an unknown calamity, it has been buried underneath a never-ending thunderstorm. As you are bathed in violent violet light, you can go toe to toe with the Manifestation of Thunder itself, if you dare.


Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Release a fishing update, we all eat for a lifetime – assuming you don’t keep burning the Medaka. Fishing spots have been created in various areas, as well as rods and baits to catch the little suckers in. Fishing is as easy as throwing the bait out and waiting for a bite. After that you’ll have to reel them in with a minigame, keeping a bar centered on an ever-moving target. Do that long enough and hey ho, hello fishy friend! Just remember not to throw the bait directly at the fish – it spooks them out. Even if you’re not interested in cooking them, you can trade them in at Fishing Associations for new gear, along with one of the new weapons in the update, the Four Star Rarity polearm that is ‘The Catch’ of the day.

With all these and more waiting for you in Genshin Impact’s Version 2.1 release, it’s time to get the gang back together and explore Inazuma once again. Whether you’re with the resistance or the commission, we can all agree to unite for one reason: fishing. Always fishing.

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