The Biggest Anime Blu-ray Releases of 2024 so far

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We've rounded up the most notable 2024 anime releases you can buy or preorder on Blu-ray.
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2024 has been a pretty impressive year for anime fans, as with some amazing new shows debuting and sequel series on the horizon, there have been some terrific Blu-ray releases as well as some enticing releases on the horizon. In case you missed these shows when they first aired, these 2024 anime Blu-ray releases will help you catch up quickly and they encompass a wide variety of genres to choose from. There’s high-school rock mixed with social anxiety, old-school monster-collecting powerhouse shows, and the return of one of the best Shonen Jump series of all time.

The standard Blu-ray release for the majority of these anime are sometimes light on extras, but overall, you’re generally getting a crisp full-HD presentation, clean intro and closing credit sequences, and sometimes even a little physical extra. While streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Crunchyroll do offer these series on demand, the Blu-ray releases are generally seen as the best way to go seeing as how streaming libraries are constantly in flux and won’t hesitate to drop a series from its vaults. With physical media, you’ll always have access to the series when you want it. And speaking of physical media, don’t forget to take a look at our roundup of the most exciting 2024 movie releases on Blu-ray, too.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Berserk is the dark fantasy show, if you have the stomach for it. The original ’90s series has gone down in history as a masterpiece of animation, one that mixes oversized swords with sinister sorcery to create a grim story of violence and betrayal on a cosmic scale. This new release of the cult-classic remasters the 1997 series in high-definition, comes with extra content, and includes an eye-catching steelbook cover.

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Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War

Finally back on flatscreens, the recent return of Bleach has been nothing short of fantastic. Picking up straight where it left off, the Thousand-Year Blood War has been a brutal and bloody conflict between the forces of Soul Society and a reborn Quincy army. The first season of this devastating showdown–13 episodes–is now on Blu-ray, and thanks to it being produced years after the manga source material concluded, it’s a lean and mean sprint through the story with terrific animation and fast-paced action.

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Bocchi the Rock

An adorable fusion of rock, high school drama, and attempting to overcome severe social anxiety, Bocchi the Rock is a fun series to consider watching. It has some excellent musical numbers, an endearing lead character, and some wonderfully weird animation to highlight her crippling fear of social interaction. The first season is now on Blu-ray, and is a fun romp through the trials and tribulations of starting a rock band.

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A critically acclaimed animated film, Suzume cleaned up pretty well at the global box office during its 2023 release. Now available on Blu-ray, the film tells the tale of 17-year-old Suzume, who discovers a mysterious door in the ruins of a small town. Opening it, she accidentally sets off a chain reaction that threatens a major disaster in Japan and she sets off to stop a cataclysm from being unleashed. Sure, it sounds weird, but this film’s strange plot is bolstered by incredible performances and animation that looks impossibly good.

The limited-edition version of Suzume comes packaged with a 60-page art book and four art cards. Both this version and the standard edition include a special-features disc with insightful commentary from the film’s crew, a documentary chronicling the creation of the movie, and more behind-the-scenes extras.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 1

Part 1 of this release compiles the first 18 episodes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean in one package. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, then you’re in for a weird and wild ride. Like the previous Jojo shows, Stone Ocean focuses on a new protagonist in the form of Jolyne Cujoh. Locked up in maximum security prison and targeted for death by several of its inmates, Jolyne has to discover the secrets behind her new Stand abilities, why she was accused of a crime she never committed, and bring an end to the war between the Joestar family and Dio Brando.

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Long regarded as one of the most influential anime movies of all time, Paprika has just gotten a fresh Blu-ray remaster. This 4K restoration does an excellent job of sharpening the original film’s trippy visuals in ultra high-definition, and the less you know about it the better before you watch it for the first time. There are quite a few extras on this release, including a documentary on the restoration process, a making-of documentary, storyboards, trailers, and several featurettes. You also get a fancy steelbook case with some eye-catching artwork.

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Blue Giant

Anime and jazz, possibly the strangest tag team since Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dude Love left a trail of bodies in their quest to become champions. Dai Miyamoto’s life changes when he discovers jazz, and after he dedicates himself to learning the saxophone, he leaves his hometown and pursues a music career in Tokyo with help from his friend Shunji, a drummer. After he’s noticed by talented pianist Yukinori, the three musicians form their own band and work to earn a spot at So Blue, the most famous jazz club in Japan. If you’re a fan of jazz music and some soul-stirring animation, Blue Giant is an easy recommendation, as this film is a love-letter to that form of music.

Releases April 30

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Mob Psycho 100: Season 3

From the creative mind of One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 follows a similar idea through its episodes as it stars a high school boy named Mob who just wants to live a normal life. The only problem is that his overwhelming psychic powers have put a target on his back, and he regularly runs into vengeful spirits, frauds, and other gifted individuals putting their gifts to nefarious use. While the art style might look crude, the animation on this show is incredible and the storytelling is surprisingly tender between its more comedic beats and all-out action. The third season will be available starting May 7, but you can also pick up the previous seasons for the complete saga.

Releases May 7

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One Piece Collection 34

The One Piece saga continues in this new Blu-ray collection of episodes, focusing on the Whole Cake Island arc. Like previous One Piece storylines, this is a fantastically weird saga full of strange powers, colorful characters, and imaginative designs as Monkey D. Luffy’s group find themselves caught between warring pirate factions. Extras on this eight-disc set are very slim, as you’ll get a clean version of the opening song for this big collection of episodes.

Releases on May 7

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Digimon Adventure

Some people would say we’re living in a new Digimon age, while others would argue that the Digimon era never truly ended. Whatever your stance is, you can’t go wrong with a trip back to the digital dimension with these box sets. The first series of Digimon Adventure is already available on Blu-ray, and the second series releases on May 28. If you still have memories of this franchise, you can also check out some pretty good films starring the DigiDestined in new adventures sets several years later. Last Evolution Kizuna is a great film you can watch now, and Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning arrives on Blu-ray on June 11.

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  • Order Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna — $14 ($23)
  • Preorder Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning (Releases June 11) — $22

Dr. Stone Season 3 Part 1

Dr. Stone has been a fun ride so far, mixing adventure, science, and comedy together to create a unique experience. In Season 3, the gang sets sail to find more answers as to how humanity almost met its end thousands of years ago, but a dangerous new threat awaits them in the distance. For special features, you’ll get episode previews, promo videos, and clean credit sequences.

Releases May 21

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Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple OVA Series

It has been a long time since Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple was last seen on TV, but at least the short series of original video animations have finally made it to Blu-ray. The original 50-episode series focused on high school student Kenichi Shirahama and his quest to become stronger as he trained under several martial arts masters, and this collection of OVAs began airing in 2012. The story continues the plot of the Ragnarok arc and enters the Yomi arc, chronicling more of Kenichi’s battles against tough opponents as he sharpens his skills. It’s not a groundbreaking martial arts anime, but it’s still a fun one with a very likable lead.

Releases May 28

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Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 1

You’ve heard of the boy who lived, now get ready for the boy who lifts! Set in a world where everyone can access magic, Mashle is the sole exception to the rule. It’s not all bad news though, as this unassuming lad makes up for his lack of magic with pure strength that defies the laws of physics itself. Imagine Harry Potter if he were swole and attended a version of Hogwarts so that he could break the status quo of the wizarding world.

The first season of Mashle comes with a few nice extras, like a special booklet, an original soundtrack CD, four character stickers of the cast, and an exclusive coaster.

Releases June 11

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The First Slam Dunk

Decades after Slam Dunk first finished its run on the small screen, the mega-popular basketball anime made a return and finished some unresolved business. While it might sound like the title of a prequel, The First Slam Dunk is an adaptation of the manga’s final arc, all leading up to a titanic tussle on the court between Shohoku High and Sannoh High. If you’re unfamiliar with the original series, you’ll be left in the dark with this film, but you can still enjoy thrilling basketball action in this conclusion to the beloved anime series.

Releases on June 25

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Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon

Your typical Isekai-genre anime usually revolves around someone being reborn in a fantasy world, discovering that they have god-like talents for being the best at everything, and they quickly assemble their own small army of romantic interests. If that formula sounds boring to you, then you might want to consider Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon, which is exactly as ridiculous as its name implies. Reincarnated as a vending machine, hero Boxxo can’t move or speak more than his programmed phrases, but when a girl named Lammis brings him to her village, he learns how to make the most of his new life as he dispenses nourishment and encouragement along the way.

Releases July 23

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