Fandom’s Top Ships For 2021

Thứ sáu - 17/05/2024 23:12
Which relationship was searched the most in 2021?

Anime fans… what are we supposed to do? Are we lonely? Romantic? Dissatisfied? Is there no room for platonic friendships in our fandoms? Whatever the case, anime dominated our top ships this year, with a whopping eight out of ten coming from the category (yes, we’re including Genshin Impact). Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia had two ships each! Funny enough, not only does our #3 ship not come from anime—it actually comes from real life! From Minecraft YouTubers! The Minecraft YouTuber fandom must be powerful indeed if it can crack the top three ships in a list so saturated with anime.

  1. Renga
  2. EreMika
  3. DreamNotFound
  4. AruAni
  5. Xingyun
  6. KiriBaku
  7. Lumity
  8. Soukoku
  9. IzuOcha
  10. Komahina

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