‘Thanksgiving’ | Eli Roth’s Recipe for Gruesomeness

Chủ nhật - 19/05/2024 21:51
How has the king of grotesque horror outdone himself this time?

Thanksgiving might have started as Eli Roth’s mock trailer in the cult exploitation cinema classic, Grindhouse – directed by Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez – but now the full movie is here to serve up a most unappetising carving board.

Planet Terror and Death Proof fans will remember Roth’s original Thanksgiving trailer as a salute to the schlocky 70s exploitation cinema era. Now the full movie is here and it’s not taking any prisoners. With some of the most gruesome special effects ever put to cinema, Roth keeps the 70s exploitation cinema vibe but refuses to skimp of the visual impact of his horror.

But what is Thanksgiving and why should we – humble Brits who have very little to do with the holiday – take heed of this new movie? Well, watch the video to find out why you should check out Thanksgiving when it hits cinemas on November 17th

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