Honest Trailers | The Year 2023

Chủ nhật - 19/05/2024 22:12
Honest Trailers looks back at the year in entertainment, from the WGA and SAG-SFTRA strikes to forgettable streaming releases to MCU blunders.

We’re wrapping up 2023 with a big Honest Trailers look-back at the year that was in Hollywood, from the war between creatives and execs over better pay (and not being replaced by ugly, soulless AI), to David Zaslav’s infuriating and clumsy gutting of his own company’s content, to the parade of forgettable streaming sludge.

Who did the best job just doing their own regular voice in an animated movie? Who had their own comeback “-aissance” after starring in a stream of cool projects? What was the best movie about the invention of a product that acted as a giant product placement for that product? Watch it all here!

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