Honest Trailers | Oppenheimer

Chủ nhật - 19/05/2024 22:12
Honest Trailers targets Christopher Nolan's blockbuster, Oppenheimer, which makes three hours fly by thanks to a famous face every ten minutes.

Honest Trailers holds a subcommittee hearing for the least-likely blockbuster of the summer — a movie some people saw because they were meme’d into the theater by Barbie — Christopher Nolan‘s Oppenheimer. It’s a three-hour epic drama that offers way more than Nolan’s usual time wank/dead woman/boy genius bit and keeps us glued to the screen thanks to an endless parade of “Hey, I know that guy!” character actors.

Filled with medications on guilt and responsibility, along with thoughtful debates about American politics, Oppenheimer features a bunch of minds so brilliant they understood Tenet the first time they saw it. So settle in for a three-hour film that’s kind of like Inception if every dream layer was a hearing about security clearances. Watch the Honest Trailer now!

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