Honest Trailers | American Sniper

Chủ nhật - 19/05/2024 21:51
Honest Trailers scores a Veteran's Day win with Clint Eastwood's Team America: World Police, American Sniper, featuring Bradley Cooper as a war hero.

From legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood comes a grandad movie about the thing all olds love to hate: other cultures, loud neighbors, and whatever cable news gets them riled up about. Honest Trailers sets Best Picture nominee American Sniper in its sights as Bradley Cooper go full wet sausage mode as Texan navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the role that convinced him he could only make Oscar bait from now on.

We hope you’re ready to condense a 500 page biography into two disorienting hours with a small window of time allotted for Chris meeting, courting and marrying his wife – and then his PTSD getting cured off screen. Yes, America can’t win the War on Terror without him, and he knows it. Watch the Honest Trailer above!

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