Honest Trailers | The Marvels

Thứ tư - 24/04/2024 21:58
You told yourself you wouldn't see another MCU film - and, boy, you weren't kidding. Honest Trailers jump points all over Phase Five's The Marvels.

From the studio still nursing its post-Endgame hangover comes Captain Marvel teaming up with the fourth lead in WandaVision and the giddy top contributor to the Carol Danvers section on AO3. Together they’ll work to thwart… basically, the evil plot of Spaceballs.

Yup, Honest Trailers is going full Flerken on The Marvels, so gear up for an adventure where Nick Fury shows none of the emotional scars from Secret Invasion, his wife is nowhere to be seen, and Skrulls are allowed on Earth again. Meanwhile, Kamala Khan just might be the last teenager in the world who still gets hyped for all this. Bless her heart. Don’t miss this Honest Trailer!

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