‘Fandom 5: Pokémon Edition’ Trivia Challenge Builds to a Dramatic Climax

Thứ sáu - 17/05/2024 22:54
The first episode of our new trivia game show, 'Fandom 5,' was all about your favorite pocket monsters.

Our new show, Fandom 5, invites hardcore fans from around the internet to show off their intense insider knowledge about their favorite TV shows, games, films, anime and more, for a chance to win REAL money! (As opposed to fake money. No one wants fake money.)

Live viewers are randomly selected to answer five trivia questions about their favorite fandoms, that get progressively tougher as the round continues. Answer all 5 questions correctly without missing any, and you walk away with $150! Plus, one lucky contestant gets to come back at the end of the show to answer even MORE challenging queries, for a shot at a $500 grand prize.

The debut episode was all about the world of Pokémon, and though the questions were tough, several competitors more than rose to the challenge. You’ll definitely want to stay tuned until the final round on this one, for a real nail-biter of a climax! Check it out at the top of the page!

Our next Fandom 5 will be announced very soon, so stay tuned to Fandom.com and follow us on Twitter for more details!

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