Mattel’s SDCC Toys Includes Masters of the Universe Villain and Steven Spielberg

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Check out some awesome Mattel offerings at San Diego Comic-Con including a Mother of a new He-Man foe and Steven Spielberg directing dinos.
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San Diego Comic-Con is here this week, from Wednesday, July 19 (Preview Night) through Sunday, July 23, and along with the annual convention being the ultimate hub for all-things comics and comics-adjacent pop culture, it’s also one of the ultimate showcases for toys, and there’s some amazing Mattel collectibles that will be available there.

Yes, with there now being an actors strike on top of the already months-long writers strike this particular SDCC will be much lighter movie stars, but there will still be a heaping helping of incredible toys to take in.

First off, we’ve got the new details for you on an absolutely gorgeous Masters of the Universe figure of Motherboard, a new villain from Netflix’s Kevin Smith-produced Masters of the Universe: Revolution (the sequel to Revelation), plus we’re looking over several other previously announced SDCC Mattel releases of note, including an incredible Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park lights-camera-action set, a WWE Ultimate Edition Muhammad Ali from the first WrestleMania in 1985, and some rad Hot Wheels vehicles for both Marvel and Star Wars.

Let’s dig in!

Masters of the Universe Masterverse Motherboard Action Figure

SRP: $65

Behold this Masters of the Universe Masterverse Motherboard action figure, which brings the mechanical winged woman bearing the sigil of The Evil Horde to life at more than 12 inches tall.

In Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Tri-Klops led a new technology-obsessed cult of cybernetically-enhanced warriors called Motherboard. Now Motherboard itself is a creature all her own, to be voiced by Meg Foster (who played Evil-Lynn in the 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe movie), and acts as in service to the Evil Horde.

This “true form” of Motherboard makes a remarkable statement with multi-feathered wings that expand to more than 18 inches wide. The caped cult leader is designed with 30 points of articulation and authentic details fans and collectors will love. A display stand is included to showcase this figure as we prepare to watch her clash with He-Man and the defenders of Eternia.

WWE Ultimate Edition Muhammad Ali Action Figure Set

SRP: $70

Back in 1985, WrestleMania was born, and among the celebrities in attendance at the time – including Cyndi Lauper, Liberace, The Rockettes, and Billy Martin – was  “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali, who served as the special guest referee in the main event which featured Hulk Hogan and Mr. T squaring off against Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.

This epic moment in time is newly captured with the Ultimate action figure of Muhammad Ali – from his iconic WWE moments with his boxing torso, his WrestleMania referee torso, multiple heads, swappable hands, and authentic attire.

This punchy presentation of the former heavyweight champion is highly detailed, with TrueFX life-like detailing and more than 30 points of articulation.

Man Creates Dinosaurs Steven Spielberg 

SRP: $30

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is one of the most beloved films of all time and just about every moment from the film has been made available in toy or collectible form, yet there’s still some uncharted terrain it turns out. A new SDCC figure goes behind-the-scenes to the production itself, featuring Spielberg in action figure form for the first time, making movie magic happen with camera, props, and a dino buddy.

The Jurassic Park Hammond Collection: Man Creates Dinosaurs Steven Spielberg figure set lets you zoom smoothly behind the scenes of Jurassic Park with this 30th Anniversary San Diego Comic-Con exclusive of Spielberg, accompanied by his trusty equipment and a Dilophosaurus (which in this case, we suppose, is an on-set animatronic).

Even the packaging celebrates the occasion; it’s a cardboard replica of the clapperboard that would have been used on-set and features the 30th anniversary logo…

You’ll get Spielberg in his ever-present baseball cap, as well as a director’s chair and camera accessories ready to bring the adventure to life.

The Dilophosaurus – with spectacular removable frill and animatronic stand – is ready for his closeup, Mr. Spielberg.

HOT WHEELS JURASSIC PARK Jeep Wrangler & Dr. Ian Malcolm

SRP: $30

It was a close call for Jeff Goldblum’s injured Dr. Ian Malcolm when the Jurassic Park jeep carrying him was being pursued by a rampaging Tyrannosaurus rex, Things in the mirror were definitely closer than they appeared during this classic close call from the 1993 movie.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of this legendary and larger-than-life franchise, Hot Wheels® is excited to debut Dr. Ian Malcolm on the back of the die-cast Jeep Wrangler that “must go faster.”

This highly detailed vehicle is fully equipped with Real Riders tires and a metal body and chassis, while showcasing the recently rescued Dr. Malcolm figure.

The unique packaging highlights the treacherous movie moments leading up to the narrow escape from the Tyrannosaurus rex – bringing Dr. Malcolm’s background in chaos theory speeding to the forefront.


SRP: $40

Iron Man vs. Thanos may not have turned out that well for Tony Stark in Avengers: Engame (though Tony did save the universe, granted) but with the new Hot Wheels Racerverse Marvel 2-Pack you can pit the Armored Avenger against the Mad Titan one final time.

The Invincible Iron Man vs. Thanos portrays a high-velocity race brought to you live from the Hot Wheels RacerVerse. Watch them put the pedal to the metal as Iron Man shoots his repulsor blast and Thanos powers up the Infinity Gauntlet while both racers drive their own unique track-ready die-cast race cars toward the finish line.

These collectible speeders are featured in a premium showcase package that brings the background art to life in an action-packed mid-race scene, complete with LED-powered lightning discharging from the vehicles mounted on iconic Hot Wheels® orange track.

It’s the dawn of a new era and nothing will ever be the same as your favorite characters leap from the pages and join epic races across the Hot Wheels RacerVerse™.

HOT WHEELS Stars Wars Starships Select AT-ST with Chewbacca Vehicle

SRP: $30

In Return of the Jedi, during the Battle of Endor, Chewbacca, and some fuzzy renegade Ewok allies commandeered an Imperial AT-ST, saving the day by destroying another AT-ST walker and then attacking several stormtroopers and scout troopers, turning the tables in favor of the Rebellion.

Then, in front of the Death Star‘s shield generator, Chewie popped out of the top of the walker, revealing himself to Han Solo and Princess Leia. This Hot Wheels Starships Select vehicle showcases this pivotal and triumphant moment.

Han and Leia are suddenly outnumbered when an ominous AT-ST stomps into view. All hope is lost…or is it? Suddenly, Chewbacca swings open the hatch revealing himself and some of their Ewok comrades. The Rebellion has a chance.

Celebrating Return of the Jedi’s 40th Anniversary, the vehicle features incredible details, a die-cast AT-ST, and highly decorated Chewbacca figure, raising his hand signaling victorious momentum.

These and more Mattel exclusives will be available at San Diego Comic-Con.

The online portal to make an appointment beforehand for the Mattel booth is now closed, but if you’re going to San Diego Comic-Con this week, keep your eyes peeled at the Mattel booth, since it’s expected they will open up their store for anyone to line up for remaining quantities of their exclusives at some point during each day.

Those not attending SDCC will also have a chance to order online beginning July 21 at 9:00am PT at Mattel Creations.

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