Honest Trailers | The Flash (1990)

Thứ sáu - 17/05/2024 21:34
Before Ezra Miller and before Grant Gustin, we travel back to the first live-action TV series for The Flash, complete with Mark Hamill's Trickster.

It’s been quite a busy few weeks for The Flash. At the end of the May, the CW TV series The Flash wrapped up after nine years on the air and now the movie The Flash is hitting theaters – itself announced nine years ago. Barry Allen is certainly more high profile than ever, but he was a lot more obscure for mainstream audiences in 1990, when we got our first-ever live-action series for the character, called, you guessed it… The Flash!

Our new Honest Trailer dives into that series, or at least portions of it, via the three movies released on video from the show, comprised of the two-hour pilot and then two pairings of two different episodes into one connected story. It was, well, not the best DC Comics adaptation ever, but hey, it did set the stage forJohn Wesley Shipp to play multiple characters on the CW Flash series years later, including reprising his version of Barry Allen. And at least Mark Hamill‘s performance as the The Trickster laid a lot of foundation for his iconic work as Joker on Batman: The Animated Series… and maybe even the template for Harley Quinn via his sidekick, Prank.

For info on the new Flash movie, check out our interview below with director Andy Muschietti, producer Barbara Muschietti, and Sasha Calle (“Supergirl”).

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