Honest Trailers | Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Thứ tư - 24/04/2024 21:58
It's the final stop on the DC Extended Universe Express as Honest Trailers enters the dark depths of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

In a more ideal world, director James Wan would have made a Malignant sequel, but instead we got…

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom!

Yes, Honest Trailers has gotten a crack at Aquaman 2 (before it gets erased for tax purposes), so behold Arthur Curry: new father, new king, and old cornball.

Watch as Arthur takes up the fight against climate change, a disaster set in motion years before that he’s powerless to stop. Almost a metaphor for the DCU, in general. He’ll team with Orm (complete with edible cockroach), fight Black Manta (complete with glowing dinglehopper), and bathe in precious final comic book shout outs. Check out the video up top!

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