Honest Game Trailers | Alan Wake 2

Thứ sáu - 17/05/2024 22:48
Honest Game Trailers rummages through the gloom of Game of the Year hopeful Alan Wake 2 this week as fans finally get to experience the saga in 4K.

From the developer of some of the weirdest f’n games you’ll ever play, famous for their gruff detectives with sonic time powers, Alan Wake 2 is here to win Game of the Year. Maybe. Possibly. Hmm. Maybe it can conjure up a new reality where Baldur’s Gate III didn’t come out in the same year.

Honest Game Trailers invites you to get nostalgic with everyone’s favorite novelist/reality bender for a survival horror romp featuring cults, doppelgängers, metaphysical prisons, and…surreal rock ballads? Get ready to light a candle AND curse the darkness.

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