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Check out a hockey jersey fit for Jason and all sorts of Halloween Horror Nights items, featuring everyone from Chucky to Frankenstein's Monster.
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It’s Halloween season, which means all sorts of spooky decorations, spooky food, and spooky clothing. And no, that doesn’t just include full Halloween costumes for October 31, but these days, a ton of options for themed apparel from many different sources.

Having received a few samples of late, here’s some options that jumped out at us at how you can show off your love for Halloween, horror, and Halloween Horror Nights.

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BoxLunch Horror Jerseys

Whether you’re simultaneously a horror fan and a sports fan or you just want to express your “team” allegiance to the legend of your choice, there’s a cool group of new horror baseball and hockey jerseys available at BoxLunch. Focused on Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Beetlejuice, and Chucky, these are anything but subdued but certainly a fun way to show off your love for these respective characters.

The Michael and Chucky examples indicate actual team names — the Haddonfield Slashers and Good Guys — though we’re left to ponder what Jason and Beetlejuice’s respective teams might be called. There’s some nice touches on these for fans, from the patch on the Chucky jersey including several of the tools the Good Guys dolls can use in the Child’s Play films, to the significance of the numbers on the back of each shirt – some evoking the year their respective franchise began, some a number significant within the series.

  • Halloween Haddonfield Slashers Michael Myers Baseball Jersey ($54.90)
  • Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Hockey Jersey ($59.90)
  • Beetlejuice Snake Hockey Jersey ($59.90)
  • Child’s Play Chucky Hockey Jersey ($59.90)

Halloween Horror Nights
2023 Merch

A go-to spot every year, for those able to make it to Universal Orlando Resort or Universal Studios Hollywood, is the annual Halloween Horror Nights event at both. The event has grown considerably through the years in many ways, including in terms of what you can see and experience, the crowd sizes, and the exclusive merch that is available.

This year has a ton of of offerings when it comes to clothing and collectibles, including shirts for some of the most buzzed about haunted houses you’ll find among this year’s lineup, including the first-ever HHN house for The Last of Us – a house notably based off the original video game version of the title, with the characters based on those incarnations of beloved lead characters Joel and Ellie. Stranger Things also has made its return to HHN after several years, with a house based off of Season 4. That being the case, there’s a lot of items based around that season’s D&D-focused Hellfire Club, including a popular hooded denim jacket with the Hellfire Club logo on the back.

While Chucky has been a part of many HHNs in the past, this year he has a bigger presence than ever, with the Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count house on both coasts inspired by the current TV series. There are many Chucky items available throughout both Universal parks though an especially coveted one is the Chucky Popcorn Bucket, which both lights up and speaks and features Chucky holding the voodoo knife he used in the original Child’s Play film in 1988.

HHN Orlando is also known for introducing original characters into the mix alongside pre-existing ones. Referred to as Icons and given elaborate backstories and lore, many of these characters have developed passionate fanbases of their own. This year, the focus is on a character named Dr. Oddfellow who’s appeared before, but never in such a prominent way, with both a house and multiple scare zones incoporating the character. There are several Oddfellow items available, including a poster for his Traveling Oddities show that is the basis for the Dr. Oddfellow’s Twisted Origins house.

Oh, and HHN also offers merch that is a bit more classic with its Halloween imagery, such as the Creepy Curiosities Cat Novelty Bag among the samples we were sent.

While you can get the HHN merch in person at the event on both coasts — though the Oddfellow items are unique to Orlando — much of it can be purchased online too, with the above highlights at the links below. (the Creepy Curiosities Cat Novelty Bag is currently only available in the parks)

  • Halloween Horror Nights 2023 The Last of Us Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($55.00)
  • Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Stranger Things Hooded Denim Jacket ($90.00)
  • Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Animated Chucky Popcorn Bucket ($43.99)
  • Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Oddfellow Poster ($34.00)
  • Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Creepy Curiosities Cat Novelty Bag ($60.00)


A notable sign of just how big Halloween Horror Nights has gotten is its embrace as a brand that exists apart from the event itself. Even if you can’t make it to either of the US Universal parks this year, you can still show your love for Halloween Horror Nights via HHN items available via both Amazon and Hot Topic.

Amazon has several items incorporating imagery from previous years’ Horror Nights, including some created for what has now become an annual Universal Monsters house, with each year focusing on different classic characters given cool new re-imaginings by the HHN team. One t-shirt available via Amazon features art created for the 2022 Universal Monsters: Legends Collide house, which focused on a battle between The Wolf Man, Dracula and The Mummy. There’s also many items using a fun mashup logo Universal Studios Hollywood did a few years back of Universal-owned characters from a couple of distinct eras, with Frankenstein’s Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein seen alongside Chucky.

You can also get items featuring some of the Orlando original icons at Amazon, including a throw pillow with arguably the most popular Icon there is, the frequently featured Jack the Clown, alongside Frankenstein’s Monster (that guy is a pal to everybody!) Plus, a more recently introduced Icon, the Pumpkin Lord, can be seen on a tote bag, among other items.

Hot Topic meanwhile has an especially cool-looking Halloween Horror Nights glow-in-the-dark mini backpack, this one featuring the HHN version of Frankenstein’s Monster above a large group of HHN Orlando Icons who have been introduced through the years, including Jack, The Caretaker, The Director, The Storyteller, and The Usher. All that, plus the Bride of Frankenstein is on the side alongside a lot of other distinctive details.

Just how popular is Jack the Clown? So much so that he’s been given his own Harley Quinn-esque assistant named Chance, who has grown in prominence herself through several HHN events. Hot Topic has a hoodie featuring both Jack and Chance alongside each other, for those who wish to celebrate their wickedness. Of course, some folks may want to share their Halloween Horror Nights love in a bit more straightforward and subtle manner, which is where a good old fashioned HHN logo t-shirt comes in handy.

  • Halloween Horror Nights Universal Monsters Premium T-Shirt ($29.50)
  • Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Marquee Pullover Hoodie ($45.50)
  • Halloween Horror Nights Frankenstein and Jack The Clown Throw Pillow ($26.99)
  • HHN All Hail The Pumpkin Lord Tote Bag ($24.99)
  • Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Backpack Hot Topic Exclusive ($46.90)
  • Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Jack & Chance Hoodie ($41.93 – $44.73)
  • Halloween Horror Nights Logo T-Shirt ($16.73 – $19.53)

For more on Halloween Horror Nights, learn how The Last of Us house came to be at the link below!

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