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Prime Big Deal Days are here, and there's a ton of Marvel books and merch to be had for cheap.
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When it comes to comic books, “Make Mine Marvel” is an enduring catchphrase that seems more relevant than ever today. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the whole planet is well-acquainted with Disney’s comic book empire of star-spangled super-soldiers, test pilots of the future, and Nordic gods fighting the good fight. If you have a comic book fan in your home, then the good news is that you can scoop up some amazing gifts for them at a reduced price during the second round of Prime Day deals, Amazon Big Deal Days.

This event runs from October 11-12, and we’ve highlighted a range of collectibles below that are sure to put a big grin on the face of any Marvel fan. From action figure sets for adult collectors to board games for younger comic book readers, massive omnibus graphic novels, and adorable replicas of fan-favorite characters, here’s a look at what you can grab off the Marvel shelf this week.

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Marvel Titan Hero Series Action Figure Multipacks

See 6-pack at Amazon – $34 ($49)

Avengers, assemble! Every collection of Earth’s mightiest heroes needs to start somewhere, and with this pack, you’ll get six of Marvel’s biggest heroes. These action figures have a decent range of articulation, bright colors, detailed designs, and are inspired by their comic book source material. You’ll get the main event trio of Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man, as well as Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel in this set.

See 8-pack at Amazon – $31.49 ($45)

Wait, six heroes aren’t enough for you? Then how about eight instead? With this line, you get pocket-sized heroes that’ll help you form a full team of Avengers. Headlined by Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, War Machine, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Falcon, these figures look great on a shelf thanks to their comic book design and they have a great range of articulation for when you want to play with them while no one is looking.

I Am Groot Figure Collection

See at Amazon – $42.49 ($50)

I am Groot. Or for those of you who don’t speak Flora Colossi, that previous line talks about Marvel’s most bankable mascot, the adorable Groot. These mini-Groot figures are inspired by Groot from Marvel’s Disney+ series, I Am Groot, and each adorable figure measures approximately 2.25 inches in size. These capture all of Groot’s various expressions and mischievous moments from the TV series, making for a fun addition to any Marvel collection.

Marvel Legends: X-Men 60th Anniversary Action Figure Set

See at Amazon – $54.49 ($78)

Marvel Legends action figures have long been a favorite with collectors, and for good reason. They’re budget-friendly toys that kids can play with or that collectors can proudly display, they boast a superb amount of articulation, and their sculpts are accurate to their source material. For this release, you can get Banshee, Gambit, and Psylocke in costumes that are inspired by their appearance in Uncanny X-Men #275. Gambit has his bo staff, satchel, and alternate hands to hold his kinetically-charged playing; Psylocke comes with alternate hands, psi effects, and psionic sword accessories; and Banshee has an alternate head to help display him using his sonic screaming power.

Spidey and His Amazing Friends Marvel Web-Spinners Web-Quarters

See at Amazon – $110.49 ($130)

For the younger members of the family, this is a fun playset featuring everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. When Arnim Zola destroys the Team Spidey headquarters, Iron Man arrives to help them build and create a new home base that has even cooler features than the original locale. Inside, you’ll find a central spinning transformation chamber, a command center, a garage, and more.

Marvel Hasbro Legends Series: Groot

See at Amazon – $27 ($39)

Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, we got an awesome mixtape of new action figures that were released in the wake of that film, including what could be the ultimate Groot toy. Inspired by the character’s appearance in that threequel, this big and burly version of Groot features movie-accurate details, comes with extra accessories, and a Baby Rocket figure.

Marvel Hasbro Legends Series: Mantis

See at Amazon – $17.49 ($25)

Even with a Baby Rocket accessory, Groot is kind of lonely without his fellow Guardians by his side. Fortunately, you can assemble the whole gang for your collection, including the best character in the film, Mantis. While you get the delightful empath in her Guardians Vol. 3 uniform, you also get a cool extra to go with her: Cosmo the space-dog’s back leg. Collect all the Guardians, and you’ll get all the parts you need to build the canine cosmonaut.

Marvel Legends Series: Ronan The Accuser

See at Amazon – $27 ($39)

Time for some good old-fashioned Kree justice! Based on his comic book appearances, this version of Ronan the Accuser enforces the law of the Kree with his cosmi-rod, a powerful weapon that often brings him into conflict with the space-faring races of the Marvel Universe whenever he oversteps his jurisdiction. Like other Marvel Legends figures, Ronan is fully articulated, has a vibrant color scheme, and a headsculpt that captures the remorseless nature of this Fantastic Four supervillain.

Connect 4 Marvel Spider-Man Edition

See at Amazon – $14 ($20)

It’s Connect 4, but with a Marvel twist as Peter Parker takes on Miles Morales in a friendly neighborhood competition. Like the original game, the goal here is to stack the discs vertically, line them up side-to-side, or go on the diagonal offensive. The first player to get four of their discs in a row wins the game.

Spidey and His Amazing Friends Yahtzee Jr. – Marvel Edition

See at Amazon – $10.49 ($15)

What if Yahtzee had more spiders? You’d have this delightful version of the game that features Spider-Man and his amazing friends. Roll the dice, try to match as many Spider-characters as you can, and don’t forget to yell “Yahtzee” in this kid-friendly version of the board game.

Hasbro Gaming Trouble: The Spider-Verse Edition

See at Amazon – $17 ($20)

Trouble is brewing across the Spider-Verse, but with an army of arachnid-themed heroes, players can race against each other in this head-to-head competition. The classic board game gets an energetic overhaul in this tie-in to hit Spider-Man animated film, but with a new twist. This time, players will need to twist and turn three movable board rings to connect and unlock Portal spaces, move pawns through the rings, and block the competition as theyr ace to pick up their Goober and cross the finish line.

Marvel Legends Series: Gorr

See at Amazon – $21 ($30)

You might be familiar with Gorr after he appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder, but the original version of that character is far more terrifying than a vitamin D-deficient Christian Bale. Marvel Legends captures the true menace of the God-Butcher with an excellent action figure, expertly recreating his fearsome visage from his premiere appearance in Marvel Comics’ Thor: God of Thunder. This version comes with an alternate hand, in case you feel like separating the villain from his legendary Necrosword, and an alternate head accessory that is downright creepy.

Avengers vs. X-Men Omnibus graphic novel

See at Amazon – $56.49 ($150)

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes battle the Children of the Atom in a massive crossover so huge, only an omnibus release can capture this epic confrontation! With the Phoenix Force back on Earth, it’s not long before the Avengers show up in an effort to contain the cosmic force of destruction and rebirth. But what happens when five of the X-Men are transformed by the Phoenix and use their new power to reshape the world? You’ll have to read to find out what happens in one of Marvel’s biggest ever showdowns between its greatest heroes.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update ’89

See at Amazon – $41.70 ($75)

Similar to the other handbooks released by Marvel, this tome of information brings fans up to speed on the fast-moving world of mighty Marvel, with a snapshot of how things were in 1989. Main-evented by details on what were at the time major revisions and seismic changes to iconic characters including Vision, Iron Man, the Hulk, Archangel and the original Human Torch, this thick book also includes information on deadly villains like Apocalypse, Mister Sinister and Venom. Throughout the book, you can expect fact-filled origins, in-depth bios and vital statistics, as well as an extensive collection of profiles, schematics, and updates that were originally published outside of the Handbooks.

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