Honest Trailers | The Boys Season 2 and Season 3

Thứ sáu - 17/05/2024 22:24
Honest Trailers catches up with The Boys, which is too smart to play to edgelords and too dumb to recommend to anyone without internet brain rot.

The Boys‘ spinoff Gen V, about superheroes in training, has arrived, adding to Prime Video’s specific brand of Rated M for Mature nerd content. With this in mind, Honest Trailers looks back at the past two seasons of The Boys and sorts through Hughie, Butcher, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and Soldier Boy‘s daddy issues. And Homelander‘s mommy issues (that become daddy issues).

Let’s catch up, Honest style, as Homelander finds himself teaming with an actual nazi, whose superpowers are lightning and being an 80-year-old who can use social media, and then evading an unfrozen Captain America-type, Soldier Boy, who winds up being yet another a-hole on a show overflowing with them. Watch the Honest Trailer now, before it falls victim to a giant stream of superhero bodily fluid.

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