Honest Trailers | One Piece

Thứ sáu - 17/05/2024 22:24
Honest Trailers sets sail with Netflix's live action One Piece series, featuring a crew of hot mess youths with no parents who love murder and naps.

Honest Trailers invites you into the salty sea dog world of One Piece, based on the beloved kajillion-hour anime (which is itself based on the flaflillion-page manga). An anime where the heroes fulfill every fan’s’ greatest dream: one day going outside and making friends.

Yes, in a world where anime fans pre-judge, and eventually reject, every live action adaptation (usually for good reason), Netflix finally cracked the code, changed almost nothing, no matter how ridiculous it looked, and found success. Get ready top join up with young Monkey D Luffa, who wants nothing more than to be King if the Pirates despite the fact that he has no idea what pirates actually do, as he recruits a reluctant, uniquely traumatized crew by beating them down with toxic positivity. Watch the Honest Trailer here!

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