9 Unanswered Questions from the Ahsoka Finale

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It's not clear if a second season of Ahsoka is happening, but we sure hope so given all the questions the finale left us with.
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Full SPOILERS follow for Ahsoka‘s finale. 

The Ahsoka finale has arrived, and if you were hoping for definitive answers about the show’s plotlines then you may have been disappointed. Instead, we’ve got more questions than answers, and it sure seems like the perfect setup for Ahsoka Season 2, though that is not currently announced and it’s not clear if that is even the plan for what would come next.

What is known is that Dave Filoni has been steering the various live-action series of The Mandalorian era towards his eventual crossover movie on the big screen. And it felt like there was a lot of movement in that direction in the finale, even as we wondered if we’ll see these characters again elsewhere first, given all that was let in flux. For the moment, these are the most pressing unanswered questions from Ahsoka…

What powers did the Nightsisters
give Morgan?

Morgan Elsbeth is dead, but death may not be the end for someone blessed by the Nightsisters. As a reward for her service, the Nightsisters empowered Morgan and made her one of them. The full extent of those powers was only partially on display during Morgan’s duel to the death with Ahsoka. Yet in this same episode, we witnessed the first-ever live-action zombies in Star Wars history.

If the Nightsisters can raise ordinary soldiers, can they do the same for Morgan?

Will all of Thrawn’s soldiers fight beyond death?

Grand Admiral Thrawn doesn’t appear to have any intentions of betraying the Nightsisters, and they rewarded his faith by delivering time and time again. However, their most important contribution to the Empire may be their ability to reanimate their soldiers and immediately send them back into battle.

The resurrected Night Troopers didn’t appear to have all of their mental capacity, but they were immune to pain and very little slowed them down. Against an army of undead soldiers, the New Republic will probably fold pretty quickly.

What’s so important about
Thrawn’s cargo?

Whatever was in the Nightsister’s cargo, Thrawn deemed it necessary to delay his homecoming until it was safely aboard his Star Destroyer. He even personally delivered it to Dathomir, the Nightsisters’ ancestral home in the primary galaxy.

This leads us to wonder what was so valuable and important about this cargo that Thrawn risked his return on fulfilling his end of the bargain with the Nightsisters. Were they coffins of all of the Troopers who died during Thrawn’s exile? If so, they could be valuable again if the Nightsisters can reanimate them. But for now, we can only speculate.

Can Sabine become a true Jedi?

This episode upended decades of Star Wars stories by suggesting that even non-Force sensitive individuals like Sabine Wren can be trained to wield the Force as a Jedi. For the first time in this series, Sabine demonstrated telekinetic abilities that have previously only been used by Jedi or the Sith. She even seemed to sense Anakin’s Force Ghost at the end of the episode, although she couldn’t see him.

Just how far can Sabine go with her training? Even her newfound success with telekinesis would still place Sabine on a lesser scale than a Padawan apprentice from the peak of the Jedi.

Why didn’t Shin take her place with Thrawn’s Empire?

One of the last things that Baylan Skoll told his apprentice, Shin Hati, was to take her place in Thrawn’s Empire. And her talents definitely could have come in handy during the finale as Ahsoka and her friends attacked the base. But instead, Shin decided to remain on Peridea and she apparently wants to take over the raiders.

We know very little about what Shin is thinking at this point, but she willingly chose exile over a grander destiny alongside Thrawn. Since she stayed behind, it also seems likely that Shin will reunite with her master in the future.

What is Baylan hoping to find on Peridea?

Baylan makes only a small appearance in the finale, which is unfortunate since this is the last performance of the late Ray Stevenson. If we see Baylan again, then the role will have to be recast.

We assumed that Baylan was looking for a way into the World Between Worlds. And he’s already explained that he wants to break the cycle of conflict that has gripped the galaxy since long before the very first Star Wars film. He was convinced that the power to do so was on this planet. While the finale doesn’t offer many answers about what Baylan was specifically looking for, he did find incredibly large statues of the Mortis Gods from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Was this what he was seeking and he knows something about them already or is this all new for him? Regardless, this suggests that the two neighboring galaxies are more closely linked than we previously believed.

How is the Daughter
connected to Ahsoka?

Speaking of the Mortis Gods, Ashoka briefly glimpsed Morai, the female convor (an owl-like creature) that was linked to the Daughter. Fans of Star Wars Rebels may recall that Morai was also seen in the season 2 finale, Twilight of the Apprentice. That was the last time that Ahsoka was stranded and seemingly without purpose. Morai reappeared in the World Between Worlds when Ezra Bridger saved Ahsoka’s life. Morai even had a cameo appearance in The Mandalorian during Ahsoka’s live-action debut.

Filoni is clearly playing a very long game with Ahsoka’s link to the Daughter via Morai. One of the most prominent fan theories is that Ahsoka may be the new embodiment of the Daughter. And it’s worth noting that the Daughter’s head was missing from the statues of the Mortis gods in this episode. But for now, we have no definitive answers about the link between Ahsoka, the Daughter, and Morai.

Will the New Republic
rally against Thrawn?

Now that Thrawn is back in his home galaxy, it should be harder for the New Republic to pretend that the threat he represents isn’t real. Even during The Mandalorian Season 3, the New Republic workers and leaders were obviously not treating the threat of a resurgent Empire with the urgency or seriousness that it deserves.

The key difference now is that Ezra is back, and he has first-hand knowledge of Thrawn’s return. Ezra may have been gone for several years, but he was a genuine hero of the Rebellion during Star Wars Rebels. It’s hard to believe that his word wouldn’t have some sway with his former comrades who are now in the New Republic.

How will Ahoska and Sabine
get home?

This is the big question, especially since there doesn’t seem to be any way for Ahsoka and Sabine to return without the Eye of Sion. This neighboring galaxy may be ripe for exploration, but Ahsoka and Sabine seem content to live on Peridea rather than leaving the planet to find a technical solution to their problems.

There is also the remote possibility that they will never get home, since neither Ahsoka nor Sabine appeared during the sequel trilogy era. Having a new galaxy to play with may prove irresistible to Star Wars writers, especially Filoni. The one thing that we do know is that the reach of the Force extends even here, as the Force Ghost of Anakin Skywalker watches over his former apprentice.

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